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 Alekseev Alexander EmeljanovichAlekseev Alexander Emeljanovich (1891-1975) – Leningrad. The candidate to Master of sport of the USSR rank on climbing, he started to get interestув in mountains in 20-30th years of XX century. He climbed with B.N. Delone (the future member-correspondent of the Academy of sciences of the USSR) and A.D. Aleksandrov (future academician of the Academy of sciences of the USSR). A.E. Alekseev was born in a peasant family in Tver province. From 17-years he started to work in Leningrad at a factory "Electrician" and simultaneously to study in Ulyanov-Lenin Electrotechnical institute (nowadays the Petersburg State Electrotechnical University). Still being a student, A.E. Alekseev designed traction engines PT-100 for the first Soviet diesel locomotive under supervising of professor J.M. Gakkel. These engines were constructed at "Electrician"  factory and were established on diesel locomotive which on November 7th, 1924 made his first trip on the October railway. A.E. Alekseev also participated design of the first traction engines for a tram (these engines move a tram till now..! - a comment by editor). In 1925 Alexander Emeljanovich graduated from Electrotechnical institute. The following stage of its engineering activity was connected with "Electric power" factory where he worked as a head of department of new designs, and then as a technical director. Under direction of A.E. Alekseev the first-borns of the Soviet power were developed. These were hydro generators for Volkhovskaja, Zemo-Avchalskaja, Ryonskaja, Svirskaja Hydroelectric Power Stations; the world's largest at those years Dneprovskie hydro generators, series of turbo generators up to 50 MW and other large electric machines providing performance of energetic plan of the country (work till now..!). Alexander Emeljanovich knew foreign languages well. Therefore he went to business trips to electro technical firms of Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, the USA, France and other countries. The electric machines designed by him did not concede to foreign analogues. Since 1932 up to the end of the life Alexander Emeljanovich worked in Leningrad Institute of Railway Transport (LIRT), remaining the adviser on designing large electric machines at "Electric power"factory, and later on Novocherkassk and Tbilisi factories and at some others. Since 1936 A.E. Alekseev was the professor managing the Electric machines department of the LIRT. Without protection the PhD thesis in 1938 he was awarded to the scientific degree of Dr.Sci.Tech. From 1943 up to 1953 he was the dean of the Power faculty of the LIRT. During the War A.E. Alekseev supervised over creation automatic machines RKSM-200-201. Serial release of this machine in 1945 had huge value for restoration of destroyed railways. A.E. Alekseev was awarded with the State premium in 1949 for this machines development. In post-war years A.E. Alekseev advised projects of traction electric motors for electric locomotives of an alternating current. Good parameters and high reliability of traction engine NB418K was noted by assignment of the State quality symbols to electric locomotives BL80T and BL80P. Under direction of A.E. Alekseev the first in the USSR models of locomotives with asynchronous engines and frequency management were created. By results of tests of model samples the industry skilled Electric locomotive BL80A-751 with the power of 9600 kW and diesel locomotive TE120-001 with the power of 4000 h.p. Among A.E. Alekseev's numerous printed papers the major value have "Traction electric machines" and "Design of electric machines" monographies. Both books were republished five times in the USSR and were translated to foreign languages. A.E. Alekseev was again awarded the State premium (1951) for the book "The Design of electric machines". In 1953 Alexander Emeljanovich was selected to be a member-correspondent of the Academy of sciences of the USSR and worked in the Institute of Electromecanics of the Academy of sciences. Outstanding personality of A.E. Alekseev was distinguished with huge working capacity, amazing scientific and technical intuition, a width of views and wide number of interests. The literature about A.E. Alekseev are V.V. Dombrovsky “Alexander Emeljanovich Alekseev”, the Science, 1988, 208 p. (Alexey Yakushev - Dr.Sci.Tech, the senior lecturer of the LIRT, Master of Sport of the USSR on climbing).

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